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Unique Event Touches

Often people will remember the smallest detail about your corporate event; these details can change people’s perception of your business and encourage them to work with your company. In this article, we look at some of the unique event touches that can get the attention of others.

Colour coordinated food

Bring your brand and company colours into the whole event experience by adding them to the food. Branded cupcakes, colourful doughnuts and other delicious treats will be a big hit with all of your guests. Task your caters to think of new and innovative ways to bring your brand colours into the food your guests are served. 


Send your guests home with something to remember; this could be a product from your business or something that’s reminiscent of your company culture. Your attendees will keep a useful gift; you might even find it helps them to remember your business name and the products or services your company offers. Don’t go cheap on the gift if you want your guests to do business with your company. 


Conferences and events are usually packed with uncomfortable seating, leaving guests tired and aching after a few hours. Consider upgrading your seating and choosing something that’s more comfortable for your guests. This unique touch can make your event more memorable and popular. 


Create a unique atmosphere for your event with specialised lighting; you can even use your brand colours here to create an interesting space for your guests. The proper lighting can transform a space from a formal work atmosphere into a party space for relaxing and dancing. Natural light is also important for any event; it helps to improve productivity and focus, while artificial lighting isn’t as effective. Large windows and skylights that let in natural light can keep your guests feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Think about lighting when choosing your event venue; if you feel the lighting is too harsh or dark in places, add some lamps to darker corners.

Environmental impact

The environment is critical; businesses must do everything possible to reduce their overall environmental impact. When organising an event, consider each element and how it impacts the environment. Choosing a full vegan meal might be a bold move, but it will be remembered and show how committed you are as a business to being environmentally friendly. Small details such as reusable water bottles and mugs can make a lasting impression on customers. If you’re working with a destination management company (DMC), they will be able to advise on ways to reduce your environmental impact. 


A fun touch to add to your event is to come up with a unique cocktail or drink that guests can try and enjoy. This could represent your business colours or your ethos as a company. This fun addition can help attendees to remember your company and what you stand for as a business. A Malta DMC or a DMC in another country will be able to organise and ensure that your unique drink is served to your guests at your event. 

Branded napkins

Even the smallest details can change the way your business is perceived. If you’re a luxurious clothing brand, you could choose to create bespoke, high-quality napkins which include your brand name. This added touch will grab the attention of your guests and may make them sit up and notice your luxurious clothing and the detail that goes into every garment. 

Seasonal flowers

Bring the outside in and greet your guests with an array of beautifully arranged seasonal flowers. Guests are sure to notice the detail that’s gone into the displays; they may even take pictures of flower arrangements, spreading your event further online. 

Picture moments 

Social media is a huge part of business marketing. To further enhance the effectiveness of your social media strategy, you should provide picture moments for your guests. These are opportunities for them to take photos against stunning backdrops, which include your logo or a message relevant to your company. Encourage them to tag your business on social media to help promote your business and events to a wider audience. The attendees will want to take pictures for their own company or personal social media accounts, so providing great backdrops is valuable for everyone.