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Easy Components You Can Customise on Your PC

If you’re interested in improving the performance of your PC for gaming or other purposes, you can change several components. Customising your PC can be a daunting experience if you don’t have any prior PC knowledge. Starting with a few simple modifications is the easiest way to improve your skills and become a computer expert.

RAM (random access memory)

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your PC is to change the RAM. RAM is the short-term memory storage in a computer. Improving a computer’s RAM can help speed up the system and improve a game’s frame rate. Some games require a minimum amount of RAM for the game to run. If you find your computer has trouble running several tasks at once or doesn’t have enough RAM for the games you want to play, you can easily upgrade the RAM. The first step when upgrading your computer’s RAM is to work out how much RAM you currently have; you can do this by looking in your PC settings. Once you’ve worked out how much RAM you have, you can choose the amount of RAM to buy. Choose from 4GB to 32GB, depending on your requirements. Most gamers and PC users opt for 8GB or 16GB RAM for good performance. You will need to check your motherboard and operating system’s maximum RAM capacity. Buying RAM that exceeds this will not be helpful for your PC. Once you’ve got the right RAM for your computer, you should follow the instructions for installation. RAM is quite simple to install, but if you’re unsure, plenty of video tutorials are available to help. 

Graphics card

Another relatively easy way to upgrade your computer is to install a new graphics card. A graphics card will improve your gaming experience and the speed at which games run on your PC. Many gaming enthusiasts upgrade their graphics cards every 2-3 years for the best performance. Before selecting your next graphics card, you must understand your PC’s power supply. Graphics cards require a lot of power, and you need to ensure that the graphics card you choose will work with your current PC setup. An external power supply can also be added to your PC to enable you to add a new graphics card. You can use online power supply calculators to determine the minimum required power for your computer’s elements. Inside your PC, you will find the details of your power wattage. This wattage will need to cover the minimum required power you have calculated by entering your components into the online calculator. You should also have some extra wattage to protect your components. Additionally, you must consider the space available inside your PC since some graphics cards are quite large and complex to fit inside a computer case with limited space. Motherboard compatibility is also important; ensure your motherboard has the right slots for your chosen graphics card. 

Consulting an expert

Some PC gamers may find that upgrading elements of their PC will not improve their performance; instead, it would be better to invest in a new computer completely. Even changing the RAM and graphics card, two of the most basic elements of your PC, can be confusing. A custom PC builder can help when creating a new custom PC from scratch or checking new elements for compatibility with your current setup. 

PC case and lights

If you’re happy with your PC performance and want to improve your PC’s look, you could opt to change the outer case. Moving to a new PC case can make your computer look great and stand out. Another reason to upgrade your PC case is to improve the airflow to components by adding more space in the case and additional fans. A new case with additional space can help if your PC often gets very hot. Changing your PC case can be an excellent way to understand the components of your computer and how they are all put together. When changing PC cases, you can opt to install additional lights or decorations to improve the appearance of your PC further. For full detailed instructions on replacing a PC case, make sure you do thorough research and contact a professional if you’re unsure.